mardi 11 octobre 2016

Flash memory pour Lindy's stamp Gang

Salut a tous. Aujourd'hui je vous présente une page en tuto  J'ai adoré m'amusé. Le tuto est en anglais mais on le comprends très bien et biensûr il y a un petit vidéo de tout cela. 

Hi Gang, it’s Cindy here with a beautiful Layout made just for fun, with Lindy's  Sprays  and Embossing Powder to create an amazing splattered background.

I used Sprays and Embossing Powder  to create my background. I've used the same products to create four different looks.

Basic Technique

  1. I used spray at first with paper to create a beautiful texture and background.
  2. I played with sprays again to add color to the flowers.
  3. I added Embossing powder for the little texture.
    1-ep2 EP.jpg
  4. I added a layer of splatters as the final touch.  I mixed the sprays with water to create splatters.1-splatters
You can see this process in the video at the end of this post.
The final result:
I can't believe all the different color combinations and looks you can get with just one set of Sprays!
7 oct 5.jpg
7 oct 6.jpg
7 oct 11.jpg
7 oct 10.jpg
I have filmed a video showing how you can make this, you can watch it below or on the Lindy's Stamp Gang YouTube Channel.


  • I love using  Sprays and water because it is Magic!!!!!

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  1. You are awesome Cindy!!!! Love your coloring style. It's really amazing !!!