mardi 28 février 2017

Nouvelle Je continue pour MIxed Media Place youpie

Youpie je peux enfin l'annoncer quel bonheur pour moi d'être parmi les 8 chanceuses qui vont intégré cette magnifique équipe créative. J'y crois pas encore le rêve quoi qui continue, être parmi cette équipe équipe est un accomplissement pour moi car j'en rêve depuis longtemps. Quand j'ai reçu la réponse j'ai du relire plusieurs fois un car c'est en anglais et l'autre car j'y croyais pas moi oui oui dans la magnifique équipe pour la boutique de Finnabair Mixed Media Place. 

Youpie I can finally announce what a joy for me to be among the lucky 8 who will built this wonderful creative team. I still believe the dream what again in this team. be with this team is a team accomplishment for me because I dream for a long time. When I received the answer I have reread several times one because it's in English and the other because I believed not me yes in the wonderful team of the store Finnabair Mixed Media Place.

Voici les liens intéressant pour en savoir plus sur cette boutique. 
Here are links of interest to learn more about this shop


J'y crois pas encore mais je vais essayer de vous inspirer le plus possible avec cette merveilleuse équipe que je vous présente à l'instant. 
I still think not but I will try to learn as much as possible with this wonderful team that I present to the moment.

High or low? High.
When I'm happy, I sing and have fun.
What is your biggest inspiration? I was most inspired by the poems of my favorite songs and new packages of materials for scrapbooking.
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Russian classic novels.
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Sprays with shimmer, metallic elements chipbord.
New or old? Old.
I feel best... when I travel. I rest body and soul and energizes the whole year.

High or low? It depends on the day. Sometimes high and sometimes low.
When I'm happy, I try to live life to the fullest.
What is your biggest inspiration? My inspiration for scrapbooking is all around me in the studio :)
But of course my greatest inspiration is own garden.
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Novels, especially I love Scandinavian crime books.
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Mediums, stencils and flowers.
New or old? Definitely old and vintage!
I feel best... when I am happy and I can be at home and my garden.

High or low? Always super high, I have a lot of energy... a lot!!
When I am happy, I ..... dance and create because I'm too hyperactive. 
What is your biggest inspiration? Finnabair, but in particular all Mixed Media products. 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Novels, but especially love story that ends well 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. I need so much more than 3 things but my top 3 are papers, mediums colored and of course gesso with water lol 
 New or old? Definitely new, I loooove everything that is new 
 I feel best... when I am with friends & family and when I have a lot of projects going on

High or low? Somewhere in between. 
When I am happy, I won´t let anyone to bring me down. 
What is your biggest inspiration? Nature. 
 Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Poems. 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Daylight, gesso and an idea in my head.
New or old? Old. 
I feel best... When creating without limitations.

High or low? Low, I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. I may have a slight fear of heights and flying... 
When I am happy, I am with my son baking, playing, creating, building Lego… Embracing the inner child ;) Also, very happy when I can escape into an art journal page and just get lost in the moment. 
What is your biggest inspiration? I find inspiration from so many places in so many forms, from my family, to my friends in Blogland/Facebook to just being outside enjoying a Sunday afternoon stroll in the woods or by the coast, there is so much to take in from just your natural surroundings. 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Novels and Sci-fi! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. My phone (for camera and music), Gesso not just for priming but covering mistakes, and Stencils, I can’t get enough of them at the moment! 
New or old? Arghh, can’t choose I love both for different reasons.
I feel best… When being bundled by my son and all three dogs… they go CRAZY and most times I end up in a flailing mess on the floor - I put up a mild protest but secretly LOVE it!

High or low? -  Low! I am short, and I'm afraid of heights.
When I am happy, I jump, sing and dance.
What is your biggest inspiration?  Music, beautiful photographs and new materials.
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? - I choose the horrors! It is desirable with ghosts. The old castles, abandoned houses, mysterious stories - this is a very excites the imagination!
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Good light, palette knife and embellies.
New or old? - Old. I love old things. Vintage, frayed, rusty. Items with history and texture.
I feel best... when the weather is cloudy and windy. When you can stay at home and enjoy your favorite things: watch a movie, read a book or do some creative things.

High or low? I think that I am "High"!! When I create, I want to see my project finished as soon as possible, so generally I quickly finish it!!!!! 
When I am happy, I...... sing, I dance and I create at the same time!!! LOL!!!! 
What is your biggest inspiration? For last 3 months my baby has been my biggest inspiration!! But I like creating without any photo, and thus all the old objects inspire me too!!!! 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Do you think, that I have time to read? Oh no! With my baby, when I have any free moment, I create... But maybe you can find horrors in my creations?!!! LOL!!! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. I obviously need inspiration, a main object and I especially need some products from MMP!! I cannot choose between gesso, acrylic paints, inks and other stuff!! 
New or old? I like creating of the old with the new!!! LOL!! 
I feel best... since I am in this fabulous DT!!! What a happiness of being at MMP!!!!

High or low? High!
When I am happy, I smile :) and create.
What is your biggest inspiration? Maybe it's sounds a little bit strange, but my inspiration always come from my dreams. Before I create a new project I dream about it at night :)
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Definitely sci-fi! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. My brushes, a jar with a water and a hot tool.
New or old? Old! I love all vintage!
I feel my best when I alone create in my craft room, with my favorite music.

High or low? Definitely low. I love earth, moss, grass...
When I am happy, I hop like a ball :)
What is your biggest inspiration? My emotions.
 Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Sci-fi.
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Coffee, my gorgeous lamp and music.
New or old? Altered :) 
I feel best... when I am all alone.

The new team will start to inspire you tomorrow :) We hope you will visit us here often 💗💗💗

lundi 20 février 2017

Challenge Février pour 7 Dots Studio

Bonjour Chère âmes créatives
Aujourd'hui je vous montre mon Challenge Pour 7 Dots Studio.

Nous Avons une image  d'inspiration que voici:
Février Challenge "Love is in the air!!!"
Hello Dear creative souls
Today I show you my Challenge  For 7 Dots Studio. 
Here is the inspiration image:
Febuary Challenge "Love is in the air!!!"

Bien-sûr je vous ai fait un petit Vidéo si dessous.
Of course I made you a little video so below.

Dans cette création, je me suis amusé avec des punch de couleurs rouge et noir. J'adore le contraste. La collection Homegrown est splendide pour cela. 

Pour bien aller avec le thème " l'amour "  et les fleurs sont à l'honneur. 

Je suis encore et toujours en amour avec la marque car les collection sont toujours magic pour créaer du bonheur. 

Je vous souhaite une bonne visualisation.

In this creation, I am amused with punch of red and black colors. I love the contrast. The Homegrown collection is splendid for this.

To go well with the theme "love" and flowers are in the spotlight.

I am still and always in love with the brand because the collections are always magic to create happiness.

I wish you a good viewing.

7 Dots Studio:
Listes de Produits chez  7 Dots Studio:
Supplies from 7 Dots Studio:

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

Others products:

Lindy's Stamp Gang:

Wild Orchid Crafts:





Fabrika décoru:

Set lacquer viburnum berries. 20pcs. Black color Fabrika Decoru

Rester Créatives
Stay Creatives
Oubliez pas de venir faire un tour sur le blog de 7 Dots Sudio ici:
Remember to come and visit the blog 7 Dots Studio here :


dimanche 19 février 2017

Mixed Media place challenge fevrier

Bonjour Chère âmes créatives
Aujourd'hui je vous montre mon Challenge Pour Mixed Media Place.

Nous Avons une image  d'inspiration que voici:

Hello Dear creative souls
Today I show you my Agust Challenge For Mixed Media Place. 
Here is the inspiration image:

J'ai choisit d'interprété ce défi dans une page de art journal.
Voici ma création. Oubliez pas de regarder le vidéo ci-bas.

I decided to interpret the challenge in an art journal .
Here is my creation. Remember to look down I brought you a video.


Aujourd'hui Je me suis vraiment amusé en couleur flash Rouge et rose. J'adore jouer avec les Ecoline et leur magnifiques crayons maintenant. En premier j'ai utilisé du tape pour de la texture. Je m'amuse avec les stencil de Finnabair et ces Pâtes de Art  extravangance. Par la suite, j'aime utilisé les papiers 7 Dots Studio et leur tag pour adosser ma photo. Quelques Étampes pour ajouter du détail et encore une fois de la texture. J'ajoute de la couleurs sous les dots avec de la peinture Art Alchemy. Pour Finaliser une création n'est pas ma création sans mes gouttelettes. 

Today I really enjoyed myself in color flash red and pink. I love playing with the Ecolines and their beautiful pencils now. First I used tape for texture. I am having fun with the stencils of Finnabair and these Paste Art Extravangance. Later I used the 7 Dots Studio papers and their tag to back my photo. Some Stamps to add detail and again texture. I add color under the dots with Art Alchemy paint. To finalize a creative is not my creation without my droplets.

 Liste de produits:

Mixed Media Place:

Prima - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Read To Me - SPECIAL EDITION

Prima - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Jagged Lines - SPECIAL EDITION

Prima - Vintage Vanity - 3x4'' Clear Stamp - Notes LIMITED EDITION

Prima - 2.5x3'' Clear Stamp - Messy

Prima - Vintage Vanity - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Honeycomb

Prima - Vintage Vanity - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Checkered

Prima - Elementals - 7x9 Stencil "Cobblestone"

Prima - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Honeycomb"

Prima - 6x6 Stencil - Checker

Prima - Art Ingredients - Melange - Art Pebbles

Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - Black Sand

Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - Graphite

Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - White Sand

Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - White Crackle

Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique - Silver Spoon

Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique - Royal Red

Prima - Art Basics - Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1"

Ecoline Brush Pen - Scarlet 334

Ecoline Brush Pen - Carmine 318

Ecoline Brush Pen - Black 700

Ecoline - Cold Grey 717

Ecoline - Warm Grey 718

Ecoline - Scarlet 334

Ecoline - Black 700

Ecoline - White 100

Ecoline - Carmine 318

Ecoline - Pastel Rose 390

Scrapiniec - Brush Art Script - Dream

7 Dots Studio - Homegrown - Designer Pad

7 Dots Studio:

Washi tape Black and White
Archival Ink et Black
Chalk Writrer

Rester Créative
Stay Creatives


Listes de Produits chez Mixed Media Place:
Supplies from Mixed Media Place: