samedi 14 octobre 2017

Un défi supplémentaire pour Mixed Media and Art

Hello Mixed Media & Art creatives!
Cindy brown here with a colorful crystal inspired by new challenge,
 which requires with Stage 2 "Crystal Beauty" - Joint project "Creative Art" 11.10 - 19.10


Today for this magnificent challenge I really enjoyed myself with a pot mason. What happiness of embellished with flowers and beauty. In the first place I start adding lace around lid. Then I have fun making a flower arrangement. Adding gloss and foliage. I really like the result. I let my heart speak. The brilliance I adore. Then add little balls of styrofoam. Wow what texture !!! I love to add a small resin frame and a magnificent scrabble game lettering to name my pot of happiness. A little joy and here is my wonderful challenge.

Here are a few details:

I love the color that emerges from this creation.

I hope you join us  for a challenge 

14 Craft Bar

J'espère que vous vous joignez à nous pour les défis
I hope you join us for the challenge 

Vous pouvez les retrouvés ici sur leur blog:
You can find them here on their blog:


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