dimanche 29 mai 2016

Un nouveau dt pour moi 7 Dots Studio

Nouvelle Nouvelle Nouvelle


Youpie je peux enfin l'annoncer quel bonheur pour moi d'être parmi les  chanceuses qui vont intégré cette magnifique équipe créative.  L'équipe de rêve. 
voici la présentation de l'équipe ici:

Youpie I can finally announce what a joy for me to be among the lucky ones who will built this wonderful creative team. The dream team.
Here is the presentation of the team here:

First of all I would like to say big THANK YOU to all of you – for all great applications you have sent. You are all so very talented!! Looking at your project was a pure pleasure, although a little bit bitter-sweet, because I couldn’t invite you all… Thank you so so so much for using 7 Dots Studio products and for the whole support, you give to us, at 7 Dots Studio. Without you our existence would be useless. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!
And now, with great pleasure, I would like to announce our new Design Team for 2016-2017 – all talented ladies will start inspiring you from July 2016 :) So…. {drumroll} – here it is!
7 Dots Studio 2016-2017 Design Team
We are happy to tell you, that we invited four fabulous designers to be our Brand Ambassadors – and they accepted the invitation :)
They will share their projects and tutorials using 7 Dots Studio products on their blogs, facebook profiles, youtube channels and other social media.
So do not forget to be their followers :)
7 Dots Studio Brand Ambassadors:
Have a great day :)

et la boutique ici:
The shop Here:

Bien sûre j'ai mis la liste des blog de l'équipe a droite pour vous y référer a tout moments.
J'ai bien hâte de vous y inspirez.

Very sure I put the list of blog team right to refer to it at any time.
I look forward to you inhale it.

À bientot
See you soon


2 commentaires:

  1. Congrats Cindy!!!! I am so happy for you!! Your style is amazing and will be perfect for 7Dots!! This is my fav paper company of all time and now one of my favorite people is on the team!!! Wootie Woot

    1. love your comment thanks I'm proud fior this new Dt.