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Nouveau dt Scrapki-Wzwaniowo

Nouveau Dt  WOW!!!!


Youpie je peux enfin l'annoncer quel bonheur pour moi d'être parmi les  chanceuses qui vont intégré cette magnifique équipe créative.

Youpie I can finally announce what a joy for me to be among the lucky ones who will built this wonderful creative team. 

et le blog Ici:
The Blog Here:

voici la présentation de l'équipe ici:
Here is the presentation of the team here:

Design Team

Bianca Ribeiro (Brazil)
Designer & Guest Team Coordinator 

I'm Bianca Ribeiro, from Brazil, married and mother of two children, Beatriz and Carolina, that are my inspiration. I love collages, paints and paper on my projects: watercolor effects, shadows and light, mists and texture.I think my work has to be creative and I find inspiration in anything: magazines, decoration, photos, paints, books, outdoors...a little detail make me create a layout, a mini album or an altered item. I'm so excited to create with you and have fun!

Cindy Brown (Canada)

My name is Cindy Brown alias Talkis on some Quebec forums. Those who know me say I am a dynamic girl who left to mark the way. Hyperactive by nature I channel my energy into lots of scrapbooking projects. I have a boyfriend that I love and two dogs that I love children waiting Who Will one day. I am very close to my family. I also yours my artist from my grandma talent. She follows me even on Facebook. Scrapbooking entered my life in 2006 because I wanted to make an album of my dogs. I found my shoe off and since then I am a compulsive buyer! I love discovering and trying new products especially. I want them all !!!!! I love watching everything around me and inspires me to create. Making the rounds of blogs and Pinterest is also a joy for inspiration. I started this passion by making pages and then I‘m exploring the mixed media to return to pages by adding a touch of mixed media. I can not say I have a particular style,what I can say is that I like to explore all avenues.

Elena Tretiakova (Russia)

Hi! My name is Elena. I'm from Moscow. Married. I'm a mother to 2 naughty boys. By profession I'm a teacher of the German.
The Scrapbooking is for me a fascinating journey, the study of my creative abilities. I'm happy to meet so many creative people around here.
I'm inspired by many things around me: children, nature, art objects...I love to create layouts, cards, canvas. Childhood is the basic theme of my projects.
I like to  take care of my garden, watch nature, read books, spend time with my family..
I'm honored to be a part of the talented Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo team!"

Fiona Paltridge (Australia)

Hi! My name is Fiona & I live in South Australia with my husband.
I have 2 adult children who have both moved away to pursue their careers. I have been a scrapbooker for almost 15 years now but I have only recently discovered the online world of challenges & design teams! 

I'm enjoying meeting so many amazing & talented people & having a chance  to share my love of creating as well as being exposed to a never-ending stream of  ideas, techniques & wonderful creations from my online compatriots!!

 Most of my work has a contemporary feel about it & I absolutely love using mixed media on my projects. Since I've discovered modelling paste, gesso & watercolours I love using them on everything I create!!  I currently design for 3 other teams in Australia and 2 International teams. I have also recently been so privileged to have been named as one of Australia's Scrapbooking Memories Masters.

I also dabble in making video tutorials that I like to share on YouTube too & I cannot believe I have been asked to be a part of Scrapki-wyzwaniowo & share my love of creating with you all. 

Frau Muller (Ukraine)
Designer & Features Admin

My Name is Nataliya. I am 28 years old and happy mother of little superman. I'm found of scrapbooking 2,5 years and try to make different projects everday! During this time falling in love with different styles and materials-is passionately fond of mix-media and vintage For me scrapbooking is arttheropy. My inspiration is little son and music. I'm very happy to be a part of amazing team! 

Jamajka (Poland)

Nazywam się Marta Turska - Grochocka, w scrapowym świecie znana jako JaMajka. Moja przygoda z rękodziełem przechodziła etapy malowania na szkle, scrapbookingu, cardmakingu, zaś teraz na dłużej zatrzymałam się na art journalowaniu i kolażach. Lubię prace mixed mediowe, dwuznaczne spojrzenia na obrazy i słowa, lubię bawić się sensem i przekazem tworzonych przeze mnie prac. Prywatnie jestem wychowawczynią w świetlicy w szkole podstawowej, kocham moją pracę, często tworzę z dziećmi i dla dzieci w trakcie różnego rodzaju warsztatów. Mam 6 letnią córeczkę, męża, dwa koty i patyczaka. 

My name is Marta Turska-Grochocka, in a world of scrapbooking known as JaMajka. My adventure with crafting was gradual, from painting on a glass, through scrapbooking and cardmaking, to art-journalling and collages. I like mixed-media projects, ambigous meaning of pictures and words, I like to play with sense and meaning. In private I work in after-school club - I love my job and very often I teach children to create through many workshops. I have 6 years old daughter, a husband, two cats and a stick insect.

Kasia Bogatko (Poland)
Designer & Pinterest Admin 

Scrapbookingiem zajmuję się od ponad dwóch lat. Jest to dla mnie najlepszy sposób na relaks, na odpoczynek po ciężkim dniu. W tej chwili moją największą miłością są media, cały czas się ich uczę i staram się pokazywać w swoich pracach ich rożne oblicza. Mam nadzieję, że i was zainspiruję do eksperymentów z nimi. 

I am a scrapbooker since over 2 years. For me it is the best way to relax after a hard day. Media are my biggest love right now. I'm still learning them and I try to show their different faces in my artworks. I hope to encourage you to experiment with them.

Lena Smoktunova (Russia)
Social Media Corodinator & Designer

Hello! My name is Elena Smoktunova, I am 31 years old. I live with my husband and our remarkable three daughters in Russia, the Moscow region, city of Mytischi. I am engaged in scrapbooking 5 years. I work generally in style a mix media. Any my work doesn't do without sprays and paints! It is my passion!

Marina Syskova (Russia)

My name is Marina Syskova. I'm from Russia, Penza. I'm 27 and about 2,5 years ago I fell in love with scrapbooking!)) My favorite styles are freestyle and mixed media, becose I feel the freedom of expression with it. In ordinary life, I,m oncologist and teacher at the medical school. I love my job, because I like to help people. And my second hobby - it's wushu. I love it for physical activity and philosophical part.
I am infinitely happy to be a part of such an incredibly talented DT as scrapki-wyzwaniowo!!!

Olga Kolov (Germany)

I am Olga Kolov, the wife of a wonderful man, that honored my passion and mom of 2 creative boys, aged 3 and 8, that honored my scrapbooking staff.  Our family lives in wonderful small town Oldenburg in north Germany, near to Bremen. We have a house with a cat ;) I am quality assurance manager by day and creativity monster by night ;)

As designer, I am in love with shabby chic, vintage style and mixed media. I make cards, canvas and altered art.

Pinezka (Poland)

Pinezka. Zmienna osoba. Aktualnie uwielbia: nitkę, stemple i akwarele. Nie przepada za kolorem różowym. Relaksuje ją: chlapanie farbami, duźdanie kotów i wpisy do żurnala. Stresuje ją: robienie dwóch (lub więcej) takich samych prac, styl romantyczny i kwiatki. Znana z cynicznego poczucia humoru. 

Pinezka (Pin). Variable person. Currently loves: thread, stamps, watercolors. Does not like pink. Relaxes her: splashing with paints, stroking cats and art journaling. Stresses her: making two (or more) of the same project, romantic style and flowers. Known for a cynical sense of humor.

Sylwia (Ireland/Poland)

 My name is Sylwia Gryczuk and I am originally from Poland but I live and create in  Claregalway Co.Galway.  I work with different mixed media materials such as acrylic, inks, watercolours, vintage papers, beeswax, fabric and 3D elements.

 I am very passionate about creating happy art pieces with a little bit of magic. I love painting Fairies, art journaling, collages, altered items and craft projects. In 2012 I have created TandiArt Studio, where I put my whole heart into white canvas, pages and 3D objects to transform them into something happy and soulful.

Tatiana Yemelyanenko (Ukraine)

My name is Tatiana Yemelyanenko, I'm from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. I hold a PhD and worked at the University but now my work is my sweet  little daughter. I fell in love with scrapbooking and mixed media in the end of 2011. I love that scrapbooking helps me to capture the moments of my life and brings feeling of creativity in ordinary days. I like to experiment with different styles and techniques and use mists, paints, texture pastes and stencils in my projects.

Tores (Poland)

My name is Magdalena Pucia aka Tores and I cut, stick and splash in my scraproom for almost ten years. Initially I used to "keep memories" in LO and albums with photos of my family (I have a husband and two daughters), but now I explore art journaling, doodling, collage - for creative fun and self-expression. I like connecting different styles and embellishments, but always use stamps and word stickers (words are really important part of my works). Beside scrapbooking I'm addicted to reading books and watching tv crime series.

Tusia (Poland)
Designer, Founder & Main Admin

Kocham media - jeśli miałabym zdefiniować mój styl, powiedziałabym, że media są w moich pracach jedyną stałą. Ulubione kolory to świeże, wyraziste zielenie, błękity i róże, ale równocześnie kocham delikatne, blade odcienie beżu, różu i biel. Jednakże jest w moich projektach coś, co jest obecne zawsze - pozytywny, kobiecy styl. 

Scrapbooking wypełnia całe moje życie - jest wszędzie wokół mnie - w życiu osobistym i zawodowym. Kocham proces tworzenia - tworzyłam rzeczy od wczesnego dzieciństwa i każdego rodzaju rękodzieło zawsze mnie przyciągało. Nie potrafię wyobrazić sobie swojego życia bez jakiejś twórczości. Nawet jeśli wyjeżdżam na weekend, zawsze zabieram małą "twórczą torebkę" wypełnioną moimi narzędziami i mediami do art-journalowania. Jestem szczęściarą, projektującą dla kilku twórczych miejsc. Uwielbiam pić kawę, czytać książki, spacerować po lesie, patrzeć na łąkowe kwiaty, rozkoszować się ciepłem jesiennego słońca i być zatopioną w moim wewnętrznym świecie. Mogę powiedzieć, że jestem szczęśliwym człowiekiem i nie zmieniłabym w swoim życiu niczego. 

Mam nadzieję, że będziecie z radością tworzyć z nami, na blogu scrapki-wyzwaniowo. 

I love all kinds of media - if I would have to define my style, I would say that media are the only constant thing. My favourite colours are fresh, bold greens, blues and pinks, but at the same time I just love delicate, pale hues of beige, rose and white. However there is something in my projects, what can be found always - a positive, feminine style. 

Scrapbooking fills my whole life - it is all around me - in my private life and in my job career. I love the process of creation - I have created things since early childhood - all kinds of handmade things always attracted me. I cannot imagine my life without making some art. Even if I leave for a weekend, I always take my small "art-bag", filled with art-journal supplies. I am lucky enough to be a designer in a few very creative places. I love drinking coffee, reading books, walking through the forest, watching flowers on the meadow, basking in the autumn sun and being deep in my inner world. I can say that I am happy person and wouldn't change a single thing in my life. 

I hope you will enjoy creating with us at scrapki-wyzwaniowo challenge blog.

Valia Katzaki (Greece)

Hello! I'm Valia Katzaki & I live in Athens, Greece. I am happily married with 3 children, a teenager & two toddlers - a lethal combination! I started scrapbooking 3 years ago & have been hooked ever since! I love flowers & chipboard embellishments & always incorporate them into my layouts, even when I am scrapping my boys. 

I love colour & working with muted tones as well as beautiful, bright, saturated ones too! I love shabby & romantic styles as well as getting my hands dirty with mixed media to customise my work into something uniquely ME!

I am really honored to be part of the Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo team along with such talented ladies & I cant wait to share my love for papercrafting and all things beautiful with you all! 

Wilma Voermans (Switzerland)
Designer & 2nd Reveal Admin

My name is Wilma Voermans and I live in the most beautiful area of the Swiss alps. Mother of 8 children, and now that the last two will leave the house soon, it is "Wilmatime". That means time to do the things I like to do as much as I can. 

I work in a local hotel which is very busy in summer when we are overloaded with tourists. In 2012 somebody showed me a minialbum and my scrapbooking addiction was born! So many people from all around the world who have the same addiction makes me feel happy. I liked paints and paper my whole live, but as a single mum raising 8 children there was never time and money. Now there is some time (the big money will never come, but phew, I don't use it anymore). 

In everything I see or feel a scrappage, canvas or art journal. Is it in advertisement, TV, is just all around us. Shapes, colors, textures! I like to make "arty" projects, but I sometimes love a sweet page full of flowers if it fits the picture. Just do what I like at the moment and am not afraid anymore what "the world" will think of it. Fear is a enemy when you create something nice. Just go with the flow. I feel VERY honored to be a part of the scrapki-wyzwaniowo (oh, I have to practice that difficult name :). So many talent here !!

Wiosanka (Poland)
Designer, Voting & Winners Post Admin

My name is Ania, in virtual world I use a nick - wiosanka. I live in north Poland, near the Baltic Sea. I'm a wife of georgeous man and mother of two wonderful boys - Paweł (7) and Tomek (5). We spend much time together and we're rather sporty family. We ski in winter, swim and go on bike trips in the summer. My boys and the time that we spend together is a main subject of my projects. 

What I love most about scrapbooking is making layouts and occasional albums. I just love to work with pictures. I can't live without colorful papers, washi tapes, small buttons, fun badges and paint splashes. There is a black ink in almost each of my work. I recently liked chipboards very much and I often put them into my projects. 

Mam na imię Ania, w wirtualnym świecie używam nicka - wiosanka. Mieszkam na północy Polski, blisko morza. jestem żoną cudownego mężczyzny i mamą dwóch wspaniałych chłopców - Pawła (7) i Tomka(5). Spędzamy razem dużo czasy, lubimy aktywne formy wypoczynku. Jeździmy na nartach zimą, a latem na rowerowe wycieczki. I to właśnie moi chłopcy i czas, spędzony razem jest głównym tematem moich prac. 

To, co najbardziej kocham w scrapbookingu to tworzenie layoutów i pamiątkowych albumów. Uwielbiam pracę ze zdjęciami. Nie umiałabym żyć bez kolorowych papierów, papierowych taśm washi, guzików, zabawnych buttonów i chlapania farbami. Czarna ecolina jest prawie na każdej mojej pracy. Ostatnio bardzo polubiłam tekturki i teraz często umieszczam je na swoich pracach.

Yasmin Tolche (Norway)

Designer Hi, my name is Yasmin. I'm a Norwegian girl, born in 1980. Mom to two awesome boys, Felix and Collin. I'm happily married to Kristian and together we live in a small mountain village in Kyrksæterøra, Norway with our Rottweiler, Penny. All of the above is victim of my scrapbook obsession. I currently work for a scrapbook store in Norway, called Bikuben doing postings online. 

I see myself as a fun girl with a good sense of humour and creativity. I started scrapbooking in August 2005. I came across this hobby totally by accident when I was at a friend’s house. I've always loved to cut and paste pictures in albums and doing some type of scrapbooking on a low level. But it was in 2005 when i really got into it. 

I love scrapping pages with paints, mist and getting my hands messy. I don't think I have a definite style, I do everything from vintage, romantic to inky and painted projects.I do love Lots and lots of layers. I'm sooo excited to join the fantastic girls at Scrapki-wyzwaniowo!!

Bien sûre j'ai mis la liste des blog de l'équipe a droite pour vous y référer a tout moments.
J'ai bien hâte de vous y inspirez.

Very sure I put the list of blog team right to refer to it at any time.
I look forward to you inhale it.

À bientot
See you soon


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