lundi 3 juillet 2017

Bonne nouvelle un nouveau dt Educator pour Scrap of darkness

Nouvelle Nouvelle Nouvelle

Youpie je peux enfin l'annoncer quel bonheur pour moi d'être parmi les  chanceuses qui vont intégré cette magnifique équipe créative. Educator wow
voici la présentation de l'équipe ici:

Youpie I can finally announce what a joy for me to be among the lucky ones who will built this wonderful creative team. Educator Wow
Here is the presentation of the team here:

Design Team News!

As you may know, we recently had a Design Team Call.  Before I announce our new DT members, I would just like to thank everyone that applied.  There were so many amazing designers, it was truly hard to narrow it down, but in the end, we only had a few positions available, and we think you will be inspired by these ladies and their beautiful work:

Tracy Funk will be creating beautiful projects with our Scraps of Elegance kits!  You can find Tracy's blog here.

Cindy Brown is now an Educator and will be inspiring you with our Scraps of Darkness kits! You can find Cindy's blog here.

Sharon Fritchman will be inspiring us with her beautiful work as a Designer with our Scraps of Darkness kits.  You can find Sharon's blog here.


We have two Designers that are changing positions within our team, so I am sure you already know and love them!

Tanya SonataJoy is currently an Educator with our Scraps of Darkness kits, but she will be working with our Scraps of Elegance kits, beginning with the July kit.  You can find Tanya's blog here.

Tatiana Yemelyanenko is currently a designer with our Scraps of Darkness kits, but now she will be inspiring us all as an Educator with the Darkness kits.  You can find Tatiana's blog here.

Congratulations, ladies!


Bien sûre j'ai mis la liste des blog de l'équipe à droite pour vous y référer à tout moments.
J'ai bien hâte de vous y inspirez.

Very sure I put the list of blog team right to refer to it at any time.
I look forward to you inhale it.

À bientot
See you soon


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