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Nouveau Dt The Robin's Nest

Bonjour à tous

Voici une nouvelle annonce. J'ai un nouveau dt a partir du premier juillet. L'équipe est venue me demandé de faire partie de leur équipe pendant six mois donc j'ai accepter car j'adore les dew drops donc pour les prochains six mois je vais m'amuser avec leurs magnifiques produits.
Je vous présente la merveilleuse équipe et oubliez pas de venir visiter le blog ici:
et la boutique en ligne ici:

Meet our Designer Chicks

We are proud to announce this amazing team for The Robin Nest Scrapbook Company.
Below are our Designer Chicks short bio.
We hope you stop by daily to view the projects with full tutorial each will  produce for your viewing 

Now here is our amazing team:

Terri Sproul is a Mixed Media artist who like to think out of the box and off the page. 
She has a live Art Show on Google Hangout/youtube on Tuesday Nights.  
As a CHA designer she has lots of experience in lots of different products.   

I am a wife, a mother of 7, an artist, photographer, and business woman. 
I love to create, and share my creations along with loving my camera, 
and taking way more photos than I will ever use.  
2 of my daughters, now angels living in heaven, touch my life. 
I love to share about them, and as I create bring them into my style.  
I have 14 grand children, who touch my life everyday, 
there are many photos of these little angels of everyday life. 

Hello! My name is Veronika Galenko. 
I am 31 years old. I live in small town Simferopol in Crimea(now it is Russia). 
It is the most beautiful place in the world! I am also a happy wife. 
My husband give me a great support in my creatively life! 
In scrapbooking I came 4 years ago. 
And now it is an important part of my life, as a hobby and a style of living. 
My love are bright cards and layouts with many details, 
I love to use a lot of dew drops of The Robin's Nest in my work and it makes me really happy. 
And I am proud to create as a part of International Team of 
The Robin's Nest and stay here for a third term!

My name is Kasia, but  I use a nickname Frezja.
I fell in love with scrapbooking and mixed media almost 2 years ago.
create  mixed media on canvas mostly, but I do like smaller projects too.
I like contrasts, mess and many details.:) I'm glad to be on Robin Nest   DT
and I hope I'll share with you my love for these products!

I was new to online scrapping since Apr 2009. 
There are so many sites. My name is Bev Code and I have been scrapping about 4+ years.
I am a wife, mother and gramma that loves being retired 
and now have time to scrap to my heart's content. 
I love scrapbooking along with fun things it entails with online friends, forums and FB. 
The learning process has been interesting and creative also. 
Other crafts I love also are needlepoint, sewing, knitting, crochet and taking lots of photos. 
Family and friends are the subjects of my scrapping along with nature, 
ancestry and vacation sites. 
I live inConestogoOntario and spend some time in Florida where 
I take my scrapping with me for the extended time.

Betsy Skagen (use your noggin and remember the name rhymes with toboggan) 
is a paper crafter, altered art artist, writer and graphic designer, 
who brings a fresh approach to the crafting world by infusing her 
blog--Paper Calliope--with  slightly irreverent humor and a little bit lot of angst. 
In her more grandiose moments, she thinks of Paper Calliope as the impossible love child of 
Tim Holtz, Jenny Lawson and Oprah Winfrey.

Hi, I'm Jess. I love to craft. 
I bead, solder, scrapbook, rubber stamp, 
and alter pretty much anything I can get my hands on. 
I am also voracious reader. 
I live in Arizona with my husband, daughter, and four cats. 

Elena Lischenko: 

Hello! I’m 31. 
I  love my family - my husband and two sons; 
they bring me joy and new ideas for my projects. 
Even though my profession is an engineer, I’ve always been a creative and art loving person. 
I really love scrapbooking and card making. 
I have been scrapbooking for more than a year. 
I enjoy making layouts, cards, and other art objects.  
love trying new styles and techniques.  
One of my favorite styles is MixedMedia.

My name is Giorgia Rossini - a.k.a. Jò in Wonderland - 
I'm 32 and I'm Italian. 
I live with my lovely husband in a small city near Ancona, in the beautiful region of Marche.
I’ve been scrapping from 3 years.  
I love playing with papers and all those lovely embellishments and preserving memories.
I mostly make layouts, but I' m trying some cards and off the page projects too.
I can't really define my style: 
I love CAS but also mixed media, create my own background, layering... scrapbooking is my happy place!

Hi, I'm Daliuska but everybody calls me Dali. 
I'm married and have two boys. 
I make scrapbook for about 4 years now, 
I'm very happy to share my art with others, my style is primarely Vintage or Clean & Simple
but I do love experimenting with Mixed Media. 
I love to do paper crating in general but my favorites are cardmaking and altering/creating new structures. 
I hope we have tons of fun together! 

My name is Stephanie Govea and I live in the beautiful and sunny state of Arizona.
I have been crafting for about 2 years now. I love to create with my beautiful 3 year old daughter.
We love to create cards, pocket letters, and mini albums together. 
I love anything retro and vintage.

Hi, Colleen from the beautiful state of Michigan.  
I am a mother, wife and grandmother to 5 very active kids. 
I have been scrapping for about 15 years but seriously scrapping for about 6 years
My style is eclectic, and evolving. I love to make cards and make quite a few.  
I make them for myself, my mother and for my daughter. 
I loved altering boxes that I fill with my cards and give them as gifts.
I also create layouts and love to try to make each one unique while still have the photo be the focal point. 
I love making flowers and create most of the flowers on my projects. 

 My name is Kathleen White and I hale from Wylie, 
Texas with my hubby and two little Boston Terrier babies. 
My three real children are all grown up and flown the nest.  
I made my first layout in 2001 and was hooked on scrapping ever since.
I love paper, flowers,bling,ribbons and lace..all those pretty things! 
I love to tear, wrinkle,sew and to get messy with gesso, mists and paint. 
I also love photography and my main subjects are my daughters!  

I don`t have a definite style...
my creations can be vintage, shabby chic or loaded with paints ,sprays and gesso...
depending on my mood and inspiration on any given day. 

Hi Everyone! Peggie Sue here ~ I’m 47 and a stay at home mom. 
Although my blog "Maxx & Boo" is a youngster,  
I've been crafting in one way or another since I was kid. 
Paper crafting since I was in college when scrapbooking consisted of my sorority drawing
a lot of doodles and using a ton of flat stickers on every page! LOL. 
I live in North Georgia USA with my hubby (loyal supporter), 
my son (“Wildman” - biggest fan), our three cats and one dog. 
We have two older kids that have moved up and out (college and the Army.) 
I love trying all sorts of new techniques in paper-crafting, 
pushing myself to create something new (or new to me.)  
I am so super excited to be part of the Robin Nest ®Design Team. 
I can’t wait to see all of your creative ideas, to inspire and to be inspired!

My name is Kim Kendell and I am from Australia,
I have been scrapping for over 16 years and am totally addicted to the craft
I am far from frightened of trying something new and different I relish the chance. 
I am a mum  and partner plus an aunt to many  who are all subjects of my scrapping.

My name is Cindy Brown alias Talkis on some Quebec forums.
Those who know me say I am a dynamic girl who left to mark the way.Hyperactive by nature I channel my energy into lots of scrapbooking projects.I have a boyfriend that I love and two dogs that I love children waiting Who Will one day
Scrapbooking entered my life in 2006 because I wanted to make an album of my dogs.
I love watching everything around me and inspires me to create
Hope to show you my creations with the products of The Robin's nest During my term.

I am very close to my familyI also yours my artist from my grandma talent. She follows me even on Facebook.I found my shoe off and since then I am a compulsive buyerI love discovering and trying new products especiallyI want them all !!!!!Making the rounds of blogs and Pinterest is also a joy for inspiration.I started this passion by making pages and then I‘m exploring the mixed media to return to pages by adding a touch of mixed mediaI can not say I have a particular style,what I can say is that I like to explore all avenues.

Tara O'Crowley

Congratulations, again, to this fabulous team!!
Be sure to stop by and let what they are creating.
As always, 
Happy Crafting
We Create to Inspire.

Merci et à bientôt.

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